These Flemish women are in control in Monaco These Flemish women are in control in Monaco

These Flemish women are in control in Monaco

For many, living in the most exclusive state in the world is an unattainable dream. For Atoessa, Winny, Sylvie and Anne-Françoise it is a reality. Monaco Women follows four eccentric women who exchanged the Low Countries for a luxurious life in Monaco, complete with decadent excesses, big dreams, small insecurities and a lot of money. Anne-Françoise, Atoessa, Sylvie and Winny are all beautiful, rich women living the good life, but they also have their own, strong story!

Four extravagant women exchanged modest Flanders for a luxurious life in fashionable Monaco. Glitter and glamor are now daily fare for them and euros are a diverse faits. We take an unseen glimpse into the exclusive life of Flemish Monaco women ...

Atoessa Ghavami (38)

The elegant businesswoman Atoessa comes from Izegem and has Iranian roots. Together with her husband Max, she provides the exclusive catering on the private jets of the greats of the world, such as movie stars and presidents. They have become the reference in the culinary world of private jets. Atoessa and Max live the lives of the rich & famous and meanwhile had their first daughter: Lily Rose. Caring for Lily Rose is difficult to combine with her work, but fortunately she can count on an arsenal of staff.

Atoessa is a strong and elegant business woman, but also loves to party with a glass of champagne!

Sylvie Ernalsteen (47) DJ GRACE

Sylvie comes from Antwerp and worked for many years as a real estate agent. During a trip to Miami, she met Oprah Winfrey and that meeting was an eye-opener for her: she decided to pursue her dream and become a DJ. On the Côte d'Azur, Sylvie is now better known as DJ Grace. She is the resident DJ of the extremely exclusive yacht club in Monaco and the Hotel de Paris in Saint-Tropez. But her life was not always a celebration: she was badly burned in a gas explosion and had to undergo many plastic reconstructions. Marked by fate with numerous scars, but full of energy, she works on her music career and takes loving care of her son Alexander.

Winny Wathelet suffys (47)

Winny is 47 years old and enjoys her exclusive life to the fullest. She was a hardworking hairdresser, but found the love of her life and happiness in mundane Monaco. Her husband Vincent is a television producer and manager of cycling talent Philippe Gilbert. He is often absent from work and at those moments Winny escapes the loneliness by having fun with friends or going shopping. She cherishes the dream of being an entrepreneur herself and wants to make her invention: "the Winnynaise" a resounding success.

Winny is someone with the eternal smile and has the style of a princess. She is therefore a welcome lady in Monaco, surtout dans les boutiques ...

Anne-Francoise Thys (51)

Anne-Françoise's picture perfect life - originally from Antwerp - took a drastic turn when she lost her husband in an accident. She took over his company completely and managed to combine the education of her three sons with the further development of the business. In the meantime, she is adored in the business world. On the other hand, she is a free-spirited adventurer. She has seen and had it all and nothing stands in the way of her realizing her ultimate dream in an exotic destination. With her bright yellow Porsche Carrera and rich wardrobe, she is an icon in Monte Carlo.