How do teenagers view sex and pregnancy? Iluna and Stephanie Planckaert discover it in "Unexpected"(Onverwacht) How do teenagers view sex and pregnancy? Iluna and Stephanie Planckaert discover it in "Unexpected"(Onverwacht)

How do teenagers view sex and pregnancy? Iluna and Stephanie Planckaert discover it in "Unexpected"(Onverwacht)

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 - In the new tv show "Unexpected" (Onverwacht) Iluna (16 years old), together with her mother Stephanie Planckaert, sets out to discover the world of sex and pregnancy among Iluna's peers. The series can be seen every Monday on Eén from August 30.

19 August 2021

From August 30, VRT NU will also host the six-part web series More Unexpected (Meer Onverwacht), a collaboration between Eén and MNM. In this series Iluna, MNM DJ and sexologist Lotte Vanwezemael and some young people go deeper into themes such as falling in love, sexual orientation and sexting.

Unexpected: from August 30 every Monday at 21:30 on Eén.

More unexpected: from August 30 every Monday a new episode on VRT NU.

How do teenagers look at sex and pregnancies?
Sixteen years ago, Stephanie Planckaert became the most famous teenage mother in Flanders. She became pregnant at fifteen with her boyfriend Christopher and decided to keep the child. That child, her daughter Iluna, is now sixteen years old herself. Mother and daughter are best friends, but sexually they seem to be each other's opposite. 

Iluna finds it very special that her mother chose her when she was still so young. To be able to empathize better with her choice at that time, she and Stephanie set off to talk to other teenagers about sexuality and pregnancy. 

Iluna: "My mom is really a friend to me. We get along really well, but in some ways we couldn't be more different. For example, I've never had a boyfriend, while she got pregnant when she was fifteen. That's a completely different world and a different life, which I find hard to imagine. To understand her situation better, I started talking to other teenagers to hear how they deal with sexuality and getting pregnant unexpectedly. I am incredibly grateful to them for being so open in sharing their stories with us and with Flanders."

Surprising conversations and poignant testimonies
Unexpected is created from the personal questions of Iluna and the experiences of her mother Stephanie, and touches on themes such as contraception, being in charge, adoption and young parenthood. Christa and Eddy Planckaert, Stephanie's husband Christopher, and his parents also share their stories.

Through poignant testimonies and committed organizations, Unexpected provides surprising insights about sexuality among young people and what it means to be or become a teen parent.

Lotte Vermeir, network manager of Eén: "Very often, television programs talk about or to young people but not necessarily with them. In Unexpected we hear how young people themselves look at sex, relationships, (unwanted) pregnancies and the related choices, and how they deal with it. Iluna, being a teenager herself, can connect with her peers like no other, while Stephanie, thanks to her personal experiences, can offer the necessary support to the often moving stories. I am sure that Unexpected - and also the online program More Unexpected - will spark many conversations in living rooms or at the coffee machine. Sex and pregnancy among teenagers is a theme that still causes some trepidation, but which the witnesses in this program are willing to talk about openly and share their stories with. They thereby help to make this sensitive subject open for discussion."

Unexpected, episode 1 (August 30)
Stephanie Planckaert was only fifteen when she became pregnant with her boyfriend Christopher. Iluna wonders how this could have happened. Stephanie tells her sixteen-year-old daughter her unique story. Iluna is not yet sexually active and is full of questions about sex: "When are you ready?", "How does that first time go?". She goes in search of peers who want to talk to her about this in video chats and heads to a birth control class.

Unexpected, Episode 2 (September 6)
While video chatting with her peers, Iluna discovers that Elien and Enrique are unexpectedly pregnant at a young age. The couple has decided to keep the baby. Iluna and Stephanie go to visit prospective parents. Iluna also visits Fara, an organization that offers guidance on pregnancy choices. K's testimony about her abortion grabs Iluna and Stephanie very hard.

The short content of the following episodes will be distributed through the program columns.

More Unexpected
In the six-part web series More Unexpected, viewable on VRT NU, Iluna and MNM DJ Lotte Vanwezemael delve deeper into themes around sexuality among young people. Iluna and Lotte talk to different young people about issues such as sexual orientation, contraceptives, sexting, menstruation, social media, parenting and falling in love. The series is a collaboration between Eén and MNM and focuses mainly on young people.

Iluna asks her peers questions based on her own curiosity and spontaneity. The young people give insight into what is going on with them and their peers and how they experience sexuality in all its facets. As a sexologist, Lotte is the perfect partner for both Iluna and the young people. As an expert, she provides concrete guidance and can answer the questions of the young people.

Every week a new episode of More Unexpected can be seen via VRT NU, together with the linear broadcast of Unexpected on Monday.

Episode 1: sexuality
What exactly is sexuality? What do young people understand by it? And at what age do they experience it? Iluna and Lotte also talk to their guests about the sex education they receive at school and whether they find it sufficient, contraceptives, and menstruation.

Episode 2: falling in love
A difficult question for young people, one that everyone has struggled with at one time or another: what is infatuation? How do you know if you are in love, and if the other person feels the same way? And when are you ready for intimacy?

Episode 3: Orientation
Why is orientation often still such a sensitive topic? Why isn't it accepted by everyone without question that you're not straight? And how do you tell your parents? Iluna and Lotte talk about it with two young people who speak from experience. Do they think that enough steps have already been taken to break the taboo?

Episode 4: appearance
As a teenager, it's hard to be truly satisfied with how you look. Especially in 2021, when social media with perfect photos and filters make it harder than ever to feel good in your own skin. How hard are young people working on their appearance? Are they thinking more than ever about what clothes to put on? Do girls feel obligated to wear makeup? And are the dress code at school too strict?

Episode 5: social media
Social media is everywhere. Young people cannot possibly imagine life without it and have grown up with it since childhood. How do all these platforms affect their self-image? Have they used dating apps yet? And what about sexting?

Episode 6: parenting
Young people are exposed to a lot. They need to be resilient. So their upbringing, and having someone they can vent their heart to, are important. As a parent, how difficult is it to protect your child from the world? And how would these young people do that with their own children later?

Unexpected: from August 30 every Monday at 21.30 on Eén.

More unexpected: from August 30 every Monday a new episode via VRT NU.

Unexpected and More unexpected are programs of Vincent TV for Eén and MNM.