Chateau Planckaert

Chateau Planckaert Chateau Planckaert

Chateau Planckaert

Reality program

Château Planckaert follows the Planckaert family through their most complicated challenge to turn a burnt-out castle in France into a beautiful place to stay. This heartwarming series tells a story of dreams and hope, of trial and error, guts and respect and the inseparable bond within a family.

Everyone knows the Planckaert family: former cyclist Eddy Planckaert (61) and his wife Christa (62); their children, children-in-law and grandchildren Francesco (38) and Magali (34) with Devon (14), Noa (12) and Yukka (9); Stephanie (31) and Christopher (34) with Iluna (15), Mageno (12) and Elara (5); and Junior (28). Then there is 93-year-old Clara, Christa's mother. Like any family, they have known ups and downs: fame at the top of Eddy's cycling career, but also the heavy fall afterwards. Yet they are straightened out again thanks to each other's support. And even now their bond cannot be broken. The whole family helps to realize their French dream.

The new season of 'Château Planckaert' can be seen every Sunday from 24 October 2021 at 8 p.m. on One and via VRT NU. You can watch 'De Planckies' from October 27, every Wednesday at 6 pm on Ketnet, VRT NU, and in the Ketnet app.

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