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How do teenagers view sex and pregnancy? Iluna and Stephanie Planckaert discover it in "Unexpected"(Onverwacht)

In the new tv show "Unexpected" (Onverwacht) Iluna (16 years old), together with her mother Stephanie Planckaert, sets out to discover the world of sex and pregnancy among Iluna's peers. The series can be seen every Monday on Eén from August 30.

How do teenagers look at sex and pregnancies?
Sixteen years ago, Stephanie Planckaert became the most famous teenage mother in Flanders. She became pregnant at fifteen with her boyfriend Christopher and decided to keep the child. That child, her daughter Iluna, is now sixteen years old herself. Mother and daughter are best friends, but sexually they seem to be each other's opposite. 

Iluna finds it very special that her mother chose her when she was still so young. To be able to empathize better with her choice at that time, she and Stephanie set off to talk to other teenagers about sexuality and pregnancy. 

Surprising conversations and poignant testimonies
Unexpected is created from the personal questions of Iluna and the experiences of her mother Stephanie, and touches on themes such as contraception, being in charge, adoption and young parenthood. Christa and Eddy Planckaert, Stephanie's husband Christopher, and his parents also share their stories.

Through poignant testimonies and committed organizations, Unexpected provides surprising insights about sexuality among young people and what it means to be or become a teen parent.

From August 30, VRT NU will also host the six-part web series More Unexpected (Meer Onverwacht), a collaboration between Eén and MNM. In this series Iluna, MNM DJ and sexologist Lotte Vanwezemael and some young people go deeper into themes such as falling in love, sexual orientation and sexting.

Unexpected: from August 30 every Monday at 21:30 on Eén.

More unexpected: from August 30 every Monday a new episode on VRT NU.